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I may or may not post stuff. Don't count on it.

Click on my gallery and use the folders to navigate. If you are looking at my walfas stuff and can't find more walfas, it's because this website is dumb.

I have a YouTube channel:…
Don't count on it.


Shinki's Hair is White
Shinki's hair is definitively not blue. Her hair is white in this painting and if you disagree then you are wrong because I am right.

Based on this image. Sorry for the low quality, I have access to limited time, brushes, and skill. Just a tiny dorm event with a tiny canvas and some acrylic paint. I had to draw Touhou because I'm obsessed.

I would write about my lack of content but that is boring. So instead, let me tell you about my experience with Project M. This guy in this gamer group has this Project M mod for Super Smash Bros. Braw, and one of the alternate skin for Peach is Hakurei Reimu. This somehow fits really well because Peach is super floaty and Reimu is super floaty and Reimu just stole Yukari's umbrella and it's super fun. Also super fun is Zero Suit Samus as Reisen because jumping rabbits and stun guns are cool. Utsuho as normal Samus is flipping the bird. Ike as Tenshi is weird because red sword is blue eruption. What is not cool is Yukari, Seiga, Yuyuko, Byrakuren, all Zeldas with no accompanying Sheik skin. Makes the experience not unique when they all does the same thing.

Sorry for bad grammar above. I'm just too lazy to type good.

Touhou is copyright ZUN. I didn't know you are allowed to make fan games on PS4.

PS. This painting is NOT inuyasha.
pls rember…

This wholesome meme is now old.
PS. You can use this as a terrible desktop background.*

*Not optimized to be a desktop background.
Another Terrible Mugetsu Doodle
The title of this piece is of course a joke. First, this is my first digital doodle ever. Second, I never drew Mugetsu before. Third, Touhou PC-98 artworks don't exist.

All joking aside, I'm just too lazy to make this piece better or whatever. I don't know how to properly color stuff, if I start doing it I will hate myself and never finish this piece. I already spent too much effort turning a sketch into a line art, I'm not going to start shading and adding details all over again. So here you go, I'm posting this and moving on. This thing is based on this thing and other stuff so basically not even original and stuff. I just can't draw. Apparently r/touhou needs more original content, so Chang'e r/touhou! Are you watching?
Gengetsu - Watercolor on Ceramic Tile
Made this in 2.5 hours using terrible free paint brushes and paint during a free university event. Not a lot you can do in a few hours using second handed tools. Based on this Gengetsu

This is the part where I would put my wall of text. I was planning to make the artwork really featureless, but one thing leads to the other and now her hair and ribbon has outlines and are quite detailed, but of course they could use more work. When I sat down I knew I had to draw 2hu, and who else but Reimu or my favorite character? Went with the latter and after experimenting with accidents I found out that you can erase watercolor on ceramic if you use normal water. This makes the artwork a lot easier because I can erase mistakes but it's still not amazing compared to the best of the best but whatever. The scrubs around me painted simple patterns or simple colors on pre-made ceramic gingerbread men and Christmas trees, so my pond is small enough for me to be proud of myself at being better than them. The lack of eyes are intentional for artistic purposes. This decision has nothing to do with my inability to draw good facial features.

Now that I think about it, walfas is basically a medium where touhou fans with great ideas and terrible drawing skills can feign artistic skills and create amazing content. The ability to manipulate the unintuitive flash program and using photoshop to edit whatever the simple flash program cannot do is extremely skillful in and of itself, but does not fix the problem of being terrible at drawing with pen and paper in the first place. I used walfas to hide my insecurity of my inferior artistic skills, but I realize that if I never draw anything ever then I will never become better. Perhaps I should start trying to draw more touhou stuff, and if it is terrible, remember that there are also plenty of terrible artist posting on deviantart and reddit who are brave enough to post their shit, so I have no excuse not to draw more stuff.

PS. winter break is coming, so I might find time to make a new walfas comic after the exams. Don't count on it, I might be too lazy.
The Divided States of America 2016
This is satire if you can't tell

After all the toxic political crap that plagued this year, I have a solution by creating new countries.

Green - You can now walk from Mexico Border to Alaska smoking weed all the way
Yellow - Making a new country is cheaper than building a border wall probably
Deep Pink - Mormons hate trump
Orange - If Texit happens
Red - Rumors say Pence is evil
Purple - Nobody likes stupid undecided "make up your damn mind" swing states
Blue - The only part of Illinois that matters is Chicago, and everything on the east coast is New
Bright Pink - if Alaskist happens
Light Blue - Colonized islands (except Hawaii) doesn't have proper representation, so they should all just become one new state

Blank map of USA with territories from Wikimedia Commons
I'm using up my valuable time to write this journal. I could be using this time to procrastinate do homework, so I hope this is worth it.

I was tagged by :iconbluyidark: and :iconpopulousmaster: to do the 13 questions tag meme thingy, and because I'm lazy I'm just gonna answer both of them in the same post. I swear if somebody tagged me very soon after I posted this and I have to make a separate post instead of including answers as part of this post


1. You have to post these rules. meh
2. Each person has to share 13 things about them.
3. Answer the ≤13 questions asked to you and invent ≤13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. Choose 13 people.
5. You have to Tag ≤13 people, if you can/want to.
6. Tag-backs are ALLOWED.
7. Be creative with the title. No "I've got tagged" things.
8. You can't say what you don't do a.k.a be honest.
9. In case you don't want to do this meme, then it's ok, meh. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Um, should I keep all the fancy emoticons and plagiarize :iconbluyidark: or not?

13 Facts about me:

1. Currently in university freshman year. Studying in USA. Not sure if additional information is appropriate to be posted publicly on internet. Can someone help me?
2. It appears that I went to many more countries than the average person. I traveled all over East Asia and some European countries with my family. Even though I don't like going outside too much.
3. I type a lot of text in descriptions partly because it is the way I roll, writing too much, and partly to conceal information from people with short attention spans, so when I write something dumb or controversial nobody reads them and I can write whatever I want. Effectiveness of this method is currently unknown can someone confirm for me?
4. I always strive to write something interesting, so 13 facts seems like a lot of stuff. I think I might run out of things to write about if I keep writing a great wall of text. Also I am probably wasting time.
5. I went to japan with friends for high school graduation trip a few months ago. Being the noob I am I ignored all the animes and the only thing I regonized are the 2hus. Being the noober person I had money left over instead of buying every single thing in front of me because I was worried about saving money. Who cares about money when it comes to touhou?
6. I bought a new computer to replace my old one because it is old and slow. I think I made a horrible mistake and bought one that is not the most modern, because I am a noob windows computer buyer and now I suck. When will apple release a new macbook pro? I probably won't buy that one because this computer will probably last a while. Maybe the next next (next) one.
7. I care more about North Korea than Syria. If I had a gun with Hitler and Stalin in my sights, I will point east and shoot Kim Il Sung.
8. I am really afraid that my previous fact will offend someone affected by WWII, the Cold War, the Middle East conflicts, or someone who hates my guts.
9. Nine is the strongest number and therefore is my favorite single digit natural number. My favorite number can change depending on my mood and how smart I want to feel.
10. I know more about the elections in USA than the elections in Thailand. Really sad, I should know more stuff about my own country of origin.
11. I knew touhou and walfas from a group of high school friends. The moment I saw the game I got addicted to it. Everyone moved on to other stuff a few years ago. Then I discovered Undertale, got obsessed with it, then the frustrations of playing diet touhou got me back to play real touhou. I then left undertale in the dust in favor of touhou. Sorry undertale. But for at least for a few hours, I got some of my friends to play touhou again.
12. 12 is a special number, it is divisable by 1,2,3,4,6 and 12. A base 12 number system would be great in everyday life. However, because all of our infastructures are already in base 10, I do not believe we should convert, especially when it makes no difference in complicated mathematics.
13. However, I advocate for the use of colemak keyboard layout. QWERTY is an inefficient layout, and since you are typing in English regardless of the layout, changing the layout is not that big of a change that it would affect everything. I type in colemak now and I cannot type QWERTY without looking at the keyboard. You can download the layout here:

Ok now let's finally start the answering of the questions.

Questions from :iconbluyidark:

1. How often you are on DeviaantArt? Do you more prefer to hang around on DA, or you have another better place to lurk around? (such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc.)

Every single hour when I was still making stuff. Not at all when I stopped. Now I have over 1500 notifications. Again.
PS. you added an extra a to DeviantArt when writing this question.

2. Ok, I assume that you have an Author Avatar for yourself, or at least a main Original Character that leads your story. So, what is the ability of your AA/OC? Also, what do the ability do? (If speaking about ability, it would be something like manipulation of time, ability of control unconsciousness or ability of undeath, you can refer to Touhou for more)

The guy in my picture is my "author avatar". Literally the best estimation of what I would look like in walfas. why the hell is Shou's hair the closest approximation to my real hair? Damn you restrictive character creation. He is supposed to be me, so no he does not have any powers. If you want to use my AA, do not put him in Gensokyo or whatever, unless you want the real me to fuck around in a fantasy land.

I do however have 2 OCs that are more or less created and developed in my head. I wanted to not reveal anything about them because according to Spaz characters don't exist in a vacuum so I was going to just make a comic series and the audience have to find out for themselves. However, considering my current situation, that wispy idea of a comic series is not becoming real anytime soon. So, fuck it. if you made it this far, you probably care enough about me so I will tell you the secret of my OCs. I used the designs of my OCs in my last comic. Those two human idiots aren't representative of the personalities of my actual OCs, I'm just too lazy to create generic outside humans for the comic. I tagged their names in the comic tags so Sherlock might look at them and figure out their names.

Vali: the guy without the coats and hat. Ability to copy half of another person's abilities. Ability can only be used when in range and does not stack. This means he can only copy the ability of one person in fighting range at a time, the abilities are lost when copying another person, and abilities are also lost when the person is not in range. Eyes glow red when copying abilities. He can choose to copy all of the abilities with half the power, or copy only half of the abilities that the person knows. This leads to him stealing spell cards, removing half of the name, and shooting half of the bullets. His plagiarisms lead him to be know as The Other Dimension's Appropriation. A side effect of his abilities is that he "runs" in the air instead of flying normally, a habit of "half-flying"

Sophocles: the guy with the coats and hat. A genius who specializes in micro electronics. Created smartwatches and smartphones like devices for Vali and himself. These devices can do pretty much everything useful in daily life, such as storing large numbers of plagiarized spell cards (instead of writing them down on paper), transforming into tools to aid in using the plagiarized spell cards, or as an extra power source to use the more powerful plagiarized spell cards. His skills in electronics is due to his secret ability of energy manipulation. Manipulation of energy allows him to convert waste and latent heat to usable electricity, making his devices 99.99% efficient. Due to E=mc^2, he can convert matter into energy, allowing his devices to last forever by running on atoms. However, because he can convert 100% of matter into energy, it is extremely dangerous because he can create Hiroshima anytime he is not careful, hence him hiding this ability. Side effect of his genius and heavy metal poisoning is insanity, and thus he is known as The Ludicrous Percipient of the Next Dimension.

If you want to use these characters, tell me. Everything mentioned and backstories subject to change. Do not steal.

3. Autumn is the season where crops are harvested, and also the season where life is going lifeless. Autumn is a symbol of abundance and harvest, at the same time, a symbol of loneliness and demise. How do you see Autumn as?

Autumn is just a transition between summer and winter. If you read John Keats you would know that autumn is when you harvest food so food is in abundance. Nothing really dies during autumn, they just hibernate. Nothing special about autumn. Wait, what is this autumn you speak of? Autumn does not exist in Thailand. It is just hot and wet here. I don't have personal connection with autumn.

4. So far how much do you know about PC-98 Touhou era?

I am currently obsessed with PC-98. Ever since I got the English patch to work, I played more PC-98 than windows version. I did not get into PC-98 the first time I am into touhou, so everything was new and exciting to me when I got back into touhou again. However, I have trouble with PoDD. Phantasmagoria games is less exciting to me for some reason, so I don't know about that game as much as I should. I want ZUN to remake the games so it would be more accessible, the characters and stories would escape from limbo into definite canon, and more people would care about the games. Imagine HRtP as a bullet hell instead of smacking a ball. However, I know ZUN wants to keep making new games instead of focusing on the old ones, and I understand his position. I think a good compromise would be if the some of the old characters were to appear in the manga. That way, the old characters would have a place in the new canon.

My favorite touhou game is Lotus Land Story, because it is the first game that Touhou seems to finally found its identity. LLS and MS is quite similar to early windows games. In fact, I think I would go the other direction and say that the early windows games are similar to PC-98 games. The newer windows games are quite different from the early windows games. My favorite character is Gengetsu. Mostly because of the rape time memes. I have a bias for strong ex-bosses with cool themes, even though I never get to actually fight them. Game is hard.

5. Would you afraid to have your mind being read by somebody?

Depending on the context. Someone like Satori is mature and understanding and both parties could benefit from mind readings. In fact, mind readings could solve many social problems, because seemingly unimportant or embarrassing issues could be addressed. Imagine walking past a touhou fan, never knowing that both of you would make amazing friends. However, mind reading abuse is a real possibility and assholes most people do not deserve to have that ability.

6. Do you think a horror film/game with lots of blood splashes is considered a good work? Besides those bloody scene, are there any other elements that are most needed in order to create an outstanding horror themed work?

I don't consume horror media, so I don't know a lot about horror stuff. However, I believes it is all about creating the correct atmosphere and immersion. Before a horror film or game becomes outstanding, it must first become an outstanding normal film or game.

7. Doll is often portrayed as the substitute of human. Would you scared of doll? And do you think it is possible to have any soul/spirit possessed in a man-made doll?

Dolls are not scary, because despite the uncanny valley they are just fake constructs that cannot harm you. Also scientifically soul/spirit does not exist so no.

8. Ever know anything to resemble "short life span"? It doesn't matter whether it's a living being or some lifeless stuffs.

Mayflies are commonly known to have short lifespans, with 24 hours of adult life. There are also these artworks made from colored sand that buddhist monks make. Once they are finished, they can be blown away by a gust of wind, natural or artificial, and becomes lost forever. In fantasy stories, humans are often the ones with short lifespans, with other races living thousands of years. Fun fact: some guy thinks he can stop or reversing aging in a few decades, extending our lifespans to a thousand years. If this technology becomes available in our lifetime, I would like to become a youkai.

9. To you, what does a mirror resemble? A tool that reflect yourself? A portal that lead to another world? Or any other else?

A surface that reflects electromagnetic radiation in the visible spectrum. Useful for looking at yourself and being narcissistic.

10. Which type of coffee is your favorite? (Cappuccino, Mocha, Latte, etc.)

I don't drink coffee. Tea, on the other hand...

11. Red, blue, yellow and green. Among these four colours, which one is your most favourite?

Yellow. Nothing to do with politics at all. I just like yellow ever since I was in team yellow in elementary sports day.

12. Do you think Touhou should be made into anime? Or it's better to just leave it like how do it do now?

I think any series deserves to be explored in multiple mediums. We've seen fan-made animes and they are great. When people think anime, they think remake the games into anime. However, I think anime can be more useful than that. External medias can be used to tell stories not seen in-game, similar to the mangas. In fact, if ZUN wants, he can even label the anime as non-canon and let them go crazy with whatever they can come up with. The possibilities are endless.

13. Well, dumb question! ;3 Koakuma confesses her love to you, response?

Don't consume my life energies you succubus. Unless this is a hentai doujin....
Um, I don't have anya lot of experiences with this stuff, and you are cute, so I guess we can be in a relationship?

Alright, moving on to another series of questions.

Questions from :iconpopulousmaster:

1. What is the worst walfas comic or walfas related content you've ever submitted.

The one panel comic with the upside-down Seija did not get accepted to WSW so objectively it is the worst comic I made. fuck

2. What are your thoughts on President Obama being called a b**** by the Filipino president.

How the hell did that guy get voted into office? I blame the broken voting system and uninformed voters. If Trump becomes president, I will blame the same thing.

3. on a scale of 1 to 10 how screwed do you think the world would be if nuclear war were to happen.

6-9, depending on the scale of the war. However, in the worst case scenario, we have underground seed banks and shelters, so some really prepared and determined humans will survive, even if we are back in the middle ages. I don't think I am that determined though, modern life is easy to get food.

4. If you were to start your own religion centering around a combination of modern and ancestral believes would you think it would last?

As long as the cult was not suppressed and gullible people continues to exist, my religion could last forever.

5. What Touhou character would you think you were based on your personality? (BE HONEST!)

Maybe Alice. The loner in the forest who only cares about a few specific things. Could not be bothered to solve incidents but did help out twice and is kind of tsundere because hanging out with people is nice sometimes.

6. Which one of your walfas OC's would you think you would resemble the most in real life?

My AA is me. I only have 2 real OCs, so not hard to pick one. Has to be Vali. Learn about interesting topics halfway, but not enough to become expert. Take half of somebody's ideas and propose to use it to solve problems. Removing all speed bumps in the world would save more lives than it kills, because it blocks emergency vehicles, but I have no idea how to do it or if exceptions should be made. Not an expert, just know some facts.

7. The walking dead is going to Michigan, any bets the people will develop a Michigan accent? (people over here sound like they have nasal problems)

What is this walking dead you are talking about? Can I see it? Can I touch it? Can I eat it?

8. What tea or coffee brand do you usually buy at the store?

Nothing. Just go to the dining court and drink the free whatever tea they have :p. Or one of those free refills green tea in Japanese restaurants. Occasional lemon tea and Thai milk tea when I eat street food.

9. Toby fox says he's not making an Undertale sequel. Are you despaired?

Nope. Undertale is in a good position when it ended. Adding sequels increases the probability of creating a bad game that either does not have the same charm that made the first one good or lack the quality that people will now be expecting.

10. If What type of magic ability would you like to have if magic was/is real?

The ability to do anything I want. It's magic, it can do anything. See something weird? Magic. Explains and solves everything.
Ok, seriously, I would like the ability to create energy. Violate the 2nd law of thermodynamics and save the world from the energy crisis. No more fossil fuels, no more climate change.

11. The world is in chaos due to some sort of non space born apocalypse, the item next to you is your only weapon. How screwed are you!?

Cliche question usually with nothing next to me. When you say next to me, where exactly counts as next to me? I guess I have access to an Iphone, but I don't know if the network servers will still be available.

12. If You were to become famous on youtube, how long would it take until the fame hits you and you bankrupt?

I already have a youtube channel with the same name. Not that famous though. I don't think I want to make money off youtube anyways. Too many youtube scandals and problems. Recently stupid ad friendly censorship whatever. Not a secure way of making money. Pateron maybe. Define bankrupt. How can I go bankrupt making videos for fun? It's a job/hobby, not an investment or start-up company. I have enough money in the bank. I will make more and become rich by getting a job that is not online and changing the world. Become famous that way. Whether or not that will happen remains to be seen.

13. Finally, Do you think the hollow earth Theory is true!?

Only idiots ignore the scientific data we have that suggests a solid earth. From gravity crumbling a hollow ball, to seismic data showing layers of rock and metal, to the Earth's magnetic field created by molten metal convection currents, conspiracy theorists needs to learn some science.

Ok, I am finally done. Time to create 13 questions of my own:
1. Power levels depends on context. A sword fighting anime cannot compare to ones where planets blow up on a daily basis. Should we adjust for "inflation", bringing up powers of weak characters and reducing powers of strong characters, when comparing the powers of characters from different series?
2. North Korea just tested another nuclear weapon. How do you think we should deal with North Korea?
3. Does learning about your insignificance in an infinite universe give you an existential crisis?
4. Which country do you want to visit?
5. Do you imagine yourself shooting danmaku patterns?
6. USA have a shooting problem. If you have unchecked powers, how would you solve the problem?
7. Come up with a way to insert an original character into Gensokyo without Yukari. Screw Gappies.
8. Do you fear death? Would you choose to stop your aging and live to 1000 years?
9. You lived to 1000 years and now you are a youkai. What are your abilities?
10. Is it sad that many people would rather have a dead gorilla as president rather than the two candidates we have?
11. Nuclear power provides a lot of energy, produces no greenhouse gases, and can potentially create less radioactive waste that can be reused, yet the world is ignoring development of this powerful source of energy. What are your thoughts on nuclear power?
12. Do you think nuclear fusion will solve all of our problems for energy?
13. Popular opinion is that spell card rules don't exist in PC-98 era, but the bullet patterns have characteristics of spell cards. If the games are remade, should they have spell cards rules?

People I tag:
:iconbluyidark: :iconpopulousmaster: :iconsleeping--terror: :iconilluminatitriforce: :iconjaphethstuff: :iconmyonnyanmukyuu: :iconpopfan95b: :iconreimu-and-cirno: :iconthermyon-vulcronus: :iconyugothefusionbanana: :iconwblforever: :iconfullhitpoints: :iconkitaensilva:

Finally Done. Why did I spend 3 hours writing this?
If you are looking for more walfas comics, why not check this out:

This person pretty much created the first walfas comics.
For the past two weeks, I've been making walfas comics daily and uploading them here. There is a reason for this. I knew that when university starts, I have to focus on my academics and I won't have time for this stupid stuffs. So since I have the free time and I literally don't have anything else to do, I decided to make daily comics until I have to travel abroad. Unfortunately, making daily comics is taking a toll on me. Therefore, I would like to formally announce the start of my indiefinite hiatus. Because university is starting, I would like to take the time to prepare for my first year. From now on, if I were to upload more stuff, it would be less frequent and hopefully of higher quality, because I am no longer rushing them out. If you are reading this, thank you for following my work. See you in a few months or so.
For the past two weeks, I've been making walfas comics daily and uploading them here. There is a reason for this. I knew that when university starts, I have to focus on my academics and I won't have time for this stupid stuffs. So since I have the free time and I literally don't have anything else to do, I decided to make daily comics until I have to travel abroad. Unfortunately, making daily comics is taking a toll on me. Therefore, I would like to formally announce the start of my indiefinite hiatus. Because university is starting, I would like to take the time to prepare for my first year. From now on, if I were to upload more stuff, it would be less frequent and hopefully of higher quality, because I am no longer rushing them out. If you are reading this, thank you for following my work. See you in a few months or so.


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