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Gengetsu Rape Time : Canon Vs Fanon by exfodes Gengetsu Rape Time : Canon Vs Fanon by exfodes
:iconreimufacepalmplz: - But Mima, you ARE god.
:iconmimaplz: - Shut up! You don't even worship me!

Gengetsu is infamous for her rape time phase that occurred at the end of her last attack. However, not everybody knows that EVERY SINGLE one of both Mugetsu and Gengetsu's attack has a rape time phase. The last one just happens to last the longest. ZUN himself has stated that Gengetsu is probably the most terrifying creature to exist, but that was years ago and who knows what he decides to do or not do with the pc-98 cast. However, the truth is that according to personal anecdotes, Lotus Land Story Extra Stage is actually pretty easy. Personally, I would find the stage pretty easy, IF I COULD BEAT IT.

You might be wondering what Mima and Yuuka is doing there. Well, they were playable characters in MS, but not LLS, so I thought that since pc-98 is so obscure some people might think they appear in more games than they actually did. Also they were there to emphasize the scariness of the sisters. Fun fact: there is a theory that the dream sisters put Yuuka to sleep for a long time (60 years maybe), hence her anger when she woke up, and the similarities between Sleeping Terror and Cute Devil - Innocence. I have no idea how widespread this theory actually is. However, I find a few flaws in the theory. When Yuuka woke up, she acts like someone who got disturbed at 3 am more than someone who just woke up from eternal slumber. Unless Yuuka did not realize that she just slept for a fuck ton of years, her reaction doesn't make sense. No Yuuka, don't go back to sleep, you already slept for decades! Also the 60 years thingy is PoFV thing not LLS thing, I'm not sure if ZUN planned that far. Anyways, the reason Yuuka is scared of them in this comic is because they put her to sleep and gave her sleeping terrors. It's all probably not canon stuff.

Also Mima might act like the evil god of the hakurei shrine, but she is totally not god. Or maybe she is. Vengeful spirit doesn't quite make a lot of sense in the context of a barrier that separates the real and the fantasy. Or how one would benefits from worshiping such a deity. I don't know Shinto can someone help me out? Fun fact: Yuuka wear pants in pc-98, but skirt in windows. I missed that fact when I made previous comics. Nobody did a prop for Yuuka's pants (or I didn't searched for one) so I just photoshoped the pants on her. Custom props makers, you forgot Yuuka's pants. And Yuuka's arms is missing. They are slightly different from stock white arms.

:iconzunplz: - Touhou
:iconkirbym: - Walfas
:iconrsgmaker: - Create.swf Extended
:iconshinkong: - Custom Arms
:iconshinkong: - PC-98 props. Hold on a second. You made every prop I used? Wow.

This comic does not encourage the trivialization of rape. If you are triggered, stay away from Gengetsu. Even though she is not actually a rapist. She is just an innocent cute devil. You monsters.
FathiFirdaus Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2016
Teacher-:iconfathifirdaus::iconsaysplz:"What time is it?"
Student A-:iconsans-plz:"It's BAD TIME"
Student B-:icongengetsuplz:It's EPAR time!"
Teacher-:iconfathifirdaus::iconsaysplz:"NO,IT'S LUNCH TIME YOU (9)S!"
Student C-:iconcirno-plz::iconsaysplz:"You call?"
Teacher-:iconfathifirdaus::iconsaysplz:"INDONESIA,FORGOTTEN LEGACY! *A big Sword appear on Teacher's hand*"
All of Students :iconsans-plz::icongengetsuplz::iconyukariyakumoplz::iconchungplz::iconcirno-plz::iconrumiaplz::iconfreddyfazbearplz::iconchenplz::iconsaysplz:"RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!"
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