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Gengetsu - Watercolor on Ceramic Tile by exfodes Gengetsu - Watercolor on Ceramic Tile by exfodes
Made this in 2.5 hours using terrible free paint brushes and paint during a free university event. Not a lot you can do in a few hours using second handed tools. Based on this Gengetsu

This is the part where I would put my wall of text. I was planning to make the artwork really featureless, but one thing leads to the other and now her hair and ribbon has outlines and are quite detailed, but of course they could use more work. When I sat down I knew I had to draw 2hu, and who else but Reimu or my favorite character? Went with the latter and after experimenting with accidents I found out that you can erase watercolor on ceramic if you use normal water. This makes the artwork a lot easier because I can erase mistakes but it's still not amazing compared to the best of the best but whatever. The scrubs around me painted simple patterns or simple colors on pre-made ceramic gingerbread men and Christmas trees, so my pond is small enough for me to be proud of myself at being better than them. The lack of eyes are intentional for artistic purposes. This decision has nothing to do with my inability to draw good facial features.

Now that I think about it, walfas is basically a medium where touhou fans with great ideas and terrible drawing skills can feign artistic skills and create amazing content. The ability to manipulate the unintuitive flash program and using photoshop to edit whatever the simple flash program cannot do is extremely skillful in and of itself, but does not fix the problem of being terrible at drawing with pen and paper in the first place. I used walfas to hide my insecurity of my inferior artistic skills, but I realize that if I never draw anything ever then I will never become better. Perhaps I should start trying to draw more touhou stuff, and if it is terrible, remember that there are also plenty of terrible artist posting on deviantart and reddit who are brave enough to post their shit, so I have no excuse not to draw more stuff.

PS. winter break is coming, so I might find time to make a new walfas comic after the exams. Don't count on it, I might be too lazy.
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December 10, 2016
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