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For the past two weeks, I've been making walfas comics daily and uploading them here. There is a reason for this. I knew that when university starts, I have to focus on my academics and I won't have time for this stupid stuffs. So since I have the free time and I literally don't have anything else to do, I decided to make daily comics until I have to travel abroad. Unfortunately, making daily comics is taking a toll on me. Therefore, I would like to formally announce the start of my indiefinite hiatus. Because university is starting, I would like to take the time to prepare for my first year. From now on, if I were to upload more stuff, it would be less frequent and hopefully of higher quality, because I am no longer rushing them out. If you are reading this, thank you for following my work. See you in a few months or so.
Warning! The links in this journal entry leads to TV Tropes. Caution is advised before clicking on any link. I will not be responsible for ruining your life.

True Art…
Self Demonstrating:…

True Art is Ancient Subjective Incomprehensible Angst

Too bad the tagline does not allow this much characters.
I have been learning in TOK that there are famous artists who would basically take things that are not really art, put it in an art gallery, and then call it art. Famous artists are able to justify why a urinal is worthy of being art, and people are willing to accept it.

Try doing the same as an art student and the teacher would probably not take you seriously. Maybe unless he wants you to do it or something.

Point is, where do you draw a line between art and amateurs trying to become famous by doing next to nothing? I just uploaded a photograph taken with my phone and photoshoped in gimp for less than 5 minutes. Do you call it art, or do you call it a sorry excuse of effortless photography that anyone with half a brain can do it in 30 seconds?
Oh yea, I forgot to mention that I got a new camera. No idea how good it is at capturing artworks. I used to use my iphone 4's built in camera to take pictures of my artwork. From now on, all of my artwork will have higher quality resolution or something like that. I am not a camera expert.
School ended. Doing a scrap dump. Also going to upload some real art.
I learned that you will not be popular (as expected) and that someone will favourite your artwork seconds after it is uploaded. Shame that some of my most favourite artworks aren't favourited. But the favourites are stupid because they favourite pretty much everything and since nobody comments on my stuff I did not receive any real feedback. Do they even looked twice at my pictures?